How long has Cabin Kits Galore been building these cabins?
Cabin Kits Galore has been building these cabins for over 8 years and the longest running company in Australia for these types of structures. We don’t specialise in anything else these cabins are what we do. We have our teams of in house installers and don’t outsource. We have built  over 1200 cabins since we began.
Where do we install and deliver?
We pride ourselves in using our in house installers to build from the Margaret River to Townsville. We also deliver Australia wide
How long does it take from order to installation/ delivery?
We like to keep it to two weeks or more, but have built them in a couple of days notice due to urgency.
Do I need council approval?
Most states have a limit to size and use that can be built as a exempt development. In NSW you can build up to 20m2 without approval for a backyard shed. Here is Subdivision 9 of the NSW State Environmental Planning Policy (Exempt and Complying Development Codes) 2008 click here
What about treatment and protection of the cabin?
We include free of charge with all our cabins a range of our timber guard products, we have patent pending ant caps, and a borate based solution that is non toxic and prevents borers and fungus, it also has great fire retardant properties.
How strong is the interlocking log cabin method of construction?
Due to the nature of its construction by interlocking into next timber it has remarkable strength each log (roughly 100 in each cabin) is effectively a lintel (meaning). Here is a youtube clip of a two story interlocking log cabin in a simulated 7 on the rickterscale earthquake (click here)
Piers vs concrete slabs?

We build and highly recommend using a pier system with an ant cap system, even though we include a free boron timber treatment with all our cabins as standard you can never be 100% sure the little buggers won’t go for something in your cabin, slabs have virtually no barrier and according to the BCA slabs with sub frames built directly onto are non compliant with termite management you require 400mm under a building to inspect for any types of borers.Ventilation under habitable buildings and our style of cabins that are built directly on a slab also is non existent which can cause, fungal decay, termite attack and moisture absorption from humidity or poor laying of the original slab.

Basically if you build any building/ shed directly onto a slab and wish change the use to class it a habitable later down the track you can’t as it will not comply with the BCA for ventilation and termite management, so that’s why we make a bit of an extra effort to build our cabins on piers and include it in the installation price.
So don’t let other cabin builders tell you to just install a slab, to make their job easier.
BCA – AS 3660

 Steel rod supports vs screws.
 When we first started we used the steel rods in the corner of our cabin walls, through pre drilled holes. This method was a easy way to build as the holes were pre-drilled and you could just put a rod down the hole and thought it was fine. We found that it allowed for alot of movement requiring constant tightening of nuts, worst of all it allows for the timbers to move cracking paint etc,. Whilst the method we use now with 200mm screws is far better for strength there is a minimal ammount of movent possible. We drill and screw over 200 screws into each cabin ensuring it is structually sound. Be wary of cabin builders using the steel rod method, it is easier but will cost you in the long run.
What site preperation is needed?
As what we do is very low impact, we only require that the area we are building be clear of trees and old structures. We can cantilever off exsiting concrete bases. We only require water and electricity (we do also have a generator). We only need about 900mm of access but enjoy more. If in a busy area please reserve 11m of street frontage for us to operate.
Is there any hidden extras?
We pride ourselves on being honest and upfront and believe that the advertised price should be the final price, no price on application or call for a quote. We offer capped price delivery and installation.