DIY 36 hour delivery, turns into flights and DIFY

You wouldn’t read about it, well thats sort of a lie cause you are now.

After driving from Sydney to Rockhampton (3200km / 35hrs) to deliver 4 cabin kits for a DIY gig, I was deadset driving over the Sydney Harbour Bridge, salivating over my first Great Northern beer (QLD rubbed off on me). I get a missed call from the customer (I knew it was coming). “Um how much for you guys to come back up and install, its just a bit daunting”.

To be fair I was sort of expecting the call, as much we say its easy to build the cabins for someone that hasn’t done it before and already hates doing flat pack, it can be daunting. I called back and insisted it was pretty straight forward and to have a crack.

So basically we had driven the backyard cabin kits (walls, ceilings, windows, doors, roofing and yellow tongue) up but obviously the owner needs to decide what base to put it on and supply and construct. So this is on Thursday and we are wanting to be up there Tuesday to get them in ASAP. Let not forget how tired we are after driving and trying to think the game plan out is tough even without truckie lag!

Anyway we are booked.

  • Materials - check

  • flights and AirBnB - check

  • Car rental - check

  • board shorts, sunscreen, stubby holder - check

Cabin Truck.JPG
Road to nowhere.JPG
Outback truckers tucker.jpg